Valta Studio

Sustainable design studio in the Netherlands

Built with Gatsby and Shopify.

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A full stack e-commerce project

Valta Studio is a design studio that sells directly to consumers. We built a Gatsby frontend to integrate with a Shopify backend. We handled everything from wireframe and design to development and deployment.

Valta Studio Front Page

Multilingual support

The site had to support both Dutch and English visitors. The challenge was to set up the site so that switching between languages was user friendly, content was easy to maintain for editors, and showed up correctly in Google's search results.

Valta Studio Modal

Headless integration with Shopify

Although the site was statically generated with Gatsby, it also had to show up-to-date information from the Shopify backend. With the Shopify storefront API we were able to show the current stock count and the available color options for each product.

Valta Studio