About Studio Koro

Front-end development

Studio Koro is the web development studio of Robbert van der Hoeven. I specialize in front-end development, using React frameworks like Next.js.

I work with a wide range of clients, from small and large businesses, to creatives and agencies.

I am available for both specialized, focused short-term work, as well as larger scale projects.

Turning designs into fast, interactive, and responsive websites

My specialization is to build fast and stable front-ends using React. I have a sharp eye for detail and a sense for design, which helps to make sure the website comes as close to your vision and design as possible.

I'm also experienced at creating smooth animations, which bring life to your website. Using libraries like Framer Motion, the possibilities for custom animations are almost endless.

Full stack projects with Contentful and Wordpress backends

Sometimes you just want everything done under one roof. I can also deliver full stack projects with Contentful or Wordpress backends.

The result is a user-friendly editing experience, easy to update content on the backend, and a blazing fast website on the front-end.