Edith Koenders

Literary translator, Danish and Norwegian to Dutch.

Built with Next.js and Wordpress.

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Design and development

Edith Koenders is a Danish and Norwegian literary translator to Dutch. She wanted a website to showcase her past work and a place to share her thoughts via a blog. We built this website using a Next.js front-end and Wordpress backend. Wordpress is an excellent backend for small websites, as it makes it easy for editors to add new content and many people are already familiar with its UI. Connecting it to a statically generated front-end makes the site highly performant and safe.

Edith Koenders

Archive of translated books

The key function of this website was to showcase past work (translated books). We added a moving row of books to the homepage, and on the archive page we 3D transformed the books to give the impression of a real book cover.

Edith Koenders Translations

Animations on route change

By adding an animated transition from the archive page to each individual book, we tried to create the feeling of picking a real book from a bookcase. It took some research to get the animation working neatly on route change, but thanks to Framer Motion we succeeded.